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Ready to make marketing magic happen? You’ve got options! We can do it for you or we can show you how. Either way, the goal is to arm you with replicable funnels and a clear understanding of what it takes, what to track and what to tweak to maintain a steady flow of new buyers and to keep them happily buying for years to come.


You’re a master at your craft, we’re masters at modern marketing. Every moment you spend outside your expert zone risks lost opportunity cost for your brand. That’s why we offer done-for-you options that range from a fully-executable marketing plan created in your VIP Strategy Day to ready-to-rock funnels that account for personality style and come fully loaded with high converting copy. Whether you invest in step-by-step strategy or a fully-stacked funnel, service is based on an in-depth analysis of your brand, its competition, its customers and closing sales in a way that connects.

VIP Strategy Day

A seasoned marketing strategist and a conscious copy consultant create a customized marketing strategy for you in one power-packed day.

Content Marketing Package

Content is king, but to capitalize on content you’re brand must become the queen of conversion. Add layers of content to your Marketing Foundation.

Foundational Marketing Package

Competition analysis, avatar exploration and your brand’s content combine to create clear paths through the Nurture Series to lasting sales.

Affiliate Promotion Package

Exponentiate sales and list growth with affiliate copy that goes beyond the generic swipe file. Custom messaging for the big players in your pond.

  • Joy’s uncanny gift to systematically map out the exact words, phrases, emotions and triggers that will compel exponential leaps in engagement and conversion is pure marketing sorcery. Do the work, follow her process. Get results.

    Karl Krummenacher
    Karl Krummenacher COO Mindshare Collaborative
  • When I saw Joy speak about copy, I knew she’d be the one to get us on track to meet our goals for The Biofield Healing Institute. Her process is brilliant! She puts her heart, head, and soul into discovering your perfect avatars. The girl knows her stuff! Joy is the perfect combination of BOTH heart AND numbers. You can't ask for better and I am confident with her her on my team!

    Debora Wayne
    Debora Wayne Founder, Biofield Healing Institute
  • Words fail me Travis with reference to HOW appreciative I am of your skills, expertise, professionalism, innovation, ingenuity, honoring of our message, use of technology, sensitivity to privacy, commitment to service.  What you have produced given what you had to work with is short of miraculous.  I am in awe of your brilliance in your craft.

    Sally Anderson
    Sally Anderson Sally Anderson International


Secrets are for the insecure! We open the cape and show you our superpowers because, the more we share battle-tested marketing techniques with conscious brands that care, the faster humanity benefits from what you’re up to in a really big way. Besides, we like winning here at Launchr and we’ve learned that the only thing better than winning for our clients, is empowering  them with the skills to win on their own. Bootstrapping brands win big from these detailed courses and coaching programs.

Copy Launchr

Selling in cyberspace? Create copy that evokes emotions and provides pathways for prospects of every personality style using this powerful strategy.

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Product Launchr

Transform your brand’s marketing efforts from gambling to gamification in just 12 weeks by implementing the Psychographic Sales System.

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Couples In Commerce

Selling with your soulmate? Amplify each other’s strengths and strengthen each other’s weaknesses from the boardroom to the bedroom.

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