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How We Work

The Psychographic Sales System™ Summarized


    The process starts with collecting and organizing your preparation assets, completing your Avatar Development and compiling your Competition Analysis.


    Based on your assets, a strategy that accounts for each personality style is developed into an interactive Full Funnel Flow Chart for easy collaboration.


    With your primary lead acquisition strategy selected, a Nurture Series indoctrinating leads into your brand is written and the first Pitch Sequence is created.


    While all the pages in the funnel are created and the emails and tagging are set up in your CRM, it's time to create ads and content to drive traffic toward the funnel.


    Profitable funnels require analysis and tracking! We’ll help you understand what to track, how often and what success looks like from each traffic source.

Does Your Marketing Address The Unique Needs Of Each Personality Style?



What Clients Are Saying

  • Joy worked hard to create our biggest lead generator and the kickass nurture sequence that accompanies it. Plus, she crafted the copy for our biggest sale of the year. If you want copy that converts - this is the woman you want.

    JJ Virgin
    JJ Virgin CEO, JJ Virgin & Associates Inc.
  • Every once in a while in business and in life you get lucky. I got lucky, I met Travis Houston. He’s got this incredible blend of creative muscle, with business skills, marketing sense and he’s got the greatest winning personality… so he gets the best out of people.

    Gary Goldstein
    Gary Goldstein Hollywood Movie Producer: Pretty Woman & Mothman Prophecies
  • Joy’s uncanny gift to systematically map out the exact words, phrases, emotions and triggers that will compel exponential leaps in engagement and conversion is pure marketing sorcery. Do the work, follow her process. Get results.

    Karl Krummenacher
    Karl Krummenacher COO Mindshare Collaborative
  • Words fail me Travis with reference to HOW appreciative I am of your skills, expertise, professionalism, innovation, ingenuity, honoring of our message, use of technology, sensitivity to privacy, commitment to service.  What you have produced given what you had to work with is short of miraculous.  I am in awe of your brilliance in your craft.

    Sally Anderson
    Sally Anderson Sally Anderson International
  • When I saw Joy speak about copy, I knew she’d be the one to get us on track to meet our goals for The Biofield Healing Institute. Her process is brilliant! She puts her heart, head, and soul into discovering your perfect avatars. The girl knows her stuff! Joy is the perfect combination of BOTH heart AND numbers. You can't ask for better and I am confident with her her on my team!

    Debora Wayne
    Debora Wayne Founder, Biofield Healing Institute

“The end game of our Psychographic Sales System is to create a perpetual marketing machine that generates impact, income, and influence.”

Travis Houston

Travis is a marketing innovator with a high standard of excellence. He's got a totally nerdy obsession with sales psychology and data-driven decisions.

Joy Houston

Joy’s copywriting process systematically captures the emotions that trigger sales and shows you how to polish messaging for each personality style.

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Choose from ready-to-rock funnels loaded with high-converting copy or learn how to create and launch them in-house. You’ve got options!

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Accomplish more in single a day than most brands do in a year with a seasoned, sought-after marketing strategist and a kickass copywriter on your side.


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